Dashboard Overview

Dashboard Module

When you access your event in Backstage, the page you will land on will provide you with a quick overview of the app usage.

Four main tabs are available, providing the following information:

  • People - the total number of attendees that have activated the event;
  • Sessions - total number of sessions;
  • Device Activations - the percentage of people who have activated the app on different platforms;
  • Analytics - the "Analytics" tab represents an actual module in the system which provides with in-depth details about your app engagement levels.


The following part of the page provides even more details about the current status of your event.

In the "Adoption" panel, you have access to the following information:

  • Activated - the percentage of people that have activated the app;
  • Contacted - the percentage of people that have just received the invitation email with download instructions but have not activated the app;
  • Others - the percentage of people that have not even been invited to download and activate the app;
  • Conversation - rate that shows how successful your email campaign was. It presents the percentage of people that have activated the app out of those that have been invited to do so.

In the "Engagement" panel, you can get information about the dynamics of the number of business cards exchanged, notes that have been taken into the app by all attendees, number of bookmarked sessions, etc.

The last panel on the screen, which is by default named "Top Sessions", provides an overview of the most liked/visited sessions in the app. Please note that you can change the information preview using the dropdown menu.




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