Presenters Module Overview

The Presenters module allows you to add speakers to your event. 


The "List Presenters" displays all the profiles created under that module. To create a new profile, click on the section "Create Presenter". The "All Presenters Photos" will display all the photos uploaded within this module. 

Create Presenter

Clicking on "Create Presenter" will allow you to add a speaker for your event. The fields you can edit are the following:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Title
  • Company
  • Position
  • Country
  • Biography

You can create additional presenter's details by going to Setup -> Manage Metadata and choose "Presenter" in the dropdown menu. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Add new field" in order to create an additional detail.

Below these, you will find "Status" where you should choose one of the two following: Active or Hidden. The difference between those two is whether the profile will be displayed in the "Speakers" section in the app. If you choose the "Active" option once a participant clicks on the "Speakers" button in the app, they will be able to find the profile. If you select the "Hidden" option, the speaker's profile won't appear in the app.

Uploading Presenters' photos

Similar to the participant profile, you can upload photos to the presenter's profile. There are few ways to upload that asset. 

1) Uploading the photo while creating the profile:

While editing the general information in the profile, on the right side you have an option to upload a photo. Click on "Upload" under "Presenter Photo" and upload the picture. In the "New presenter photo" popup choose the availability to be "Available offline" and attach the asset. By uploading the photo as "Available offline" you will allow the photo to be downloaded together with the app (during the initial download from the Stores). The photo will be visible at all times regardless the Internet connection/WiFi connection.


2) Uploading the photo from "List Presenter":

Under "List Presenters" your far-left column is "Photo". When the presenter's profile has been created without a photo, there would be a blank space and the following buttons: "Upload" and "Choose". By clicking on "Upload" you will be able to upload a photo without entering the profile itself. By clicking on "Choose" you will be able to select from a drop-down menu that displays all the data included in "All Presenter Photos".


3) Uploading files to "All Presenters Photos":

When clicking on the "All Presenters Photos" tab you will be able to upload a single image file or a zip file with more than one image compressed. On the right, you will see "Bulk operations" and under "File management" you should be able to upload the respective asset(s). Click on "Upload" in order to upload the photos. By clicking on "Download" you will be able to download all the images uploaded to this module.  


The main difference between the participant and presenter's profiles is that each uses different unique identifier. This means that when making changes to the participant's profile, those will not be reflected in the presenter's profile of the same person. Please note that the linked participant button has no action even if both profiles are linked.



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