Exporting and Importing Sessions

Sessions can be upload using an Excel file. This would be done via the "Bulk operations". 

Similar to the participant list upload the best practice would require creating the first session in Backstage. When completed, click on "Export XLS" that appears in the "All Sessions" section. A spreadsheet would be generated and ready for download. 

Please make sure to put the information as follows:

  • the title of the session should be in the column "name";
  • the starting time of the session should be in column "start";
  • the ending time of the session should be in column "end";
  • the place where the session will be held should be under "location";
  • any description that needs to be included should be indicated under "content";
  • tags should be entered under "tag";
  • the tag colors should be in the "tag_color" column;

Please keep in mind that you should also provide a unique identifier under the "fp_ext_id" column. 


Once the file is completed click on the "Import" button and following the steps: 


Click "Next" on the first step of the upload called "Select Column Headings".
The second step "Map Data Fields" shows you how the metadata will be labeled in Backstage. Any rows marked in yellow should not bother you, so click "Next".
Do the same during the third step "Reference Checks". 
The "Data Summary" step gives you an overview of what are you importing:


To complete the process hit the "Complete the import button". 

If you don't want to upload the file simply click on "Return to previous step". 


To indicate the starting and ending time of a session in an Excel spreadsheet, please keep in mind that the display format should be: YYYY/MM/DD hour:minutes



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