Document Settings and Types

Creating and editing documents should be done from the "Create Document" tab.



Information should be provided in the fields as it follows:

  • Name field - the title of the file;
  • Document type - select the type of document you will be creating;
  • Description field - any other information you would like to share in relation to the document;
  • Upload the document under "File" on the right hand side of the page.

Document type

There are few document types that will allow you to upload a different type of content. Please select those properly, as follows:

  • any PDFs should be indicated as PDF;
  • when providing an external source, select Website;
  • audio files should be indicated as Audio;
  • video files should be indicated as Video;
  • any Excel files, Word files or PowerPoint presentations should be indicated as Other.


  • The Autoplay media setting is related to both Audio and Video documents. 
  • Enable sharing (PDF only) is related to the PDF files and allows the assets to be shared externally.
  • Block viewing until allows you to manage the availability of the file until a certain time. 
  • The Error message function is related to the Block viewing until and allows you to add a message to the participants when a certain document is blocked.
  • If the document type is Website, you should provide the link in the URL field. 
  • Open URL on device's default browser is a function related to the Website documents.
  • Enable annotations allows participants to take notes on the documents.
  • Enable bookmarks means that a document can be bookmarked.
  • Enable landscape mode on phones is related to the document display when the rotation screen of the device is enabled. 


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