File Size Recommendations

File size best practices

In order to properly manage file sizes so that the files are able to be utilized in the app while not slowing it down, there are different actions that should be taken depending on the size of the file.

Files under 2MB (the most recommended), the file can be uploaded with the setting Available online only. Meaning files lives on the cloud server and can be accessed on demand by attendees if and when they would like to view the file. Once the file has been viewed by a participant the first time, the file is then cached to their device so it will load up quicker in future viewings.

Files between 2MB and 10MB, the file can be uploaded with the setting Available offline. Since they are heavy and might create streaming process or slow the internet down. It will download the file on the device while the application is install

For any file over 10MB, it is not adviseable to load a file of this size into the event app. In order to provide this content to participants, it is best to consider seperating the file into multiple files of a manageable size if possible or to reduce the size of the file.

There are a number of tools that can be used to reduce file size into something that is more manageable. For reducing the size of PDF files, is a reliable source that minimizes the size of your file while keeping quality loss at a minimum if at all. For reducing the size of video or audio files, HandBrake allows you to adjust the settings on the file to minimize file size while maintaining the quality as much as possible.

The suggested settings of video and audio files using HandBrake are as follows:

Video Files
Format: MP4 file
Video Codec: H.264 (x264)
Resolution: 640x360
Framerate (FPS): 25
Variable Framerate
Video Quality: Average Bitrate (kbps)
2-pass encoding
Target: 600kbps

Audio Files
Codec: AAC
Mixdown: Stereo
Samplerate: 48
Bitrate: 128

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