Adding Pages to In-app menus

Once the page has been created it should be displayed in the app. 

Attaching the page to the main menu menu

Go to the SpotMan menu module, scroll down where we have the option + Add an Item. When the pop-out window shows, open the drop-down menu under Add a custom item. Then choose Generic item launcher. Please note that this launcher is used also to add documents, feed, etc. Basically, you can add any item for which you do not find a separate launcher (e.g. you can add your profile using the “My profile Launcher”, form – “Form Launcher”, etc.).

Once it's done add translation and label so that our page will have its name. Choose an icon. Then from Item to open attach the page.



To attach a page choose Content Page. If we want to attach a document, go with Can, etc. Once it's done, a second drop-down opens and it is where you should choose the page/item.

Attaching the page to the Home screen

Go to Home Editor and once you click + Add a row, then choose Generic Item Launcher as a Block type.


Under Item select Content Page and in the second field that will appear choose the page. Click on Save changes. 

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