Getting Started With Backstage


Learn how to create your first event with Backstage, customize your branding, and preview on your mobile device.

Logging into Backstage

Backstage is SpotMe’s content management system (CMS) and a web application. To get started, use your preferred web browser.

1. Verify that your web browser is compatible with Backstage. We recommend:

       • Mozilla Firefox - most recent stable version
       • Google Chrome - most recent stable version

2. Open your browser and go to 
3. Enter your Backstage email and password.

  • You should have received your email and password with your Backstage invitation.
  • Contact your SpotMe Account Manager or your Organization Owner if you have not received an invitation.


Creating your First Event

1. From the left panel on the Backstage homepage, select Create an Event.

    • Choose what type of event to create.

(1) Production: for a ‘live’ event. A Production event will consume software

(2) Sandbox: for testing. A sandbox event is temporary and will be deleted after a few months.

  • Your organization will be preselected.
  • Click Create Event.

2. Enter the event details and click Proceed.

  • The Event name will be used within Backstage to identify your event.
  • The Event start and end date will be used for listing your event in the relevant chronological order in Backstage and in the in-app event list. The Event start date is normally the first on-site day of your event.
  • The Venue and City will be used within Backstage to identify your event, for example The Venetian, Las Vegas.
  • The Venue time zone will be used by Backstage to translate any dates and times for sessions, messages, notifications, and more. Make sure to select the city that is the closest to your event on-site location.
  • For Data location, choose the continent where your event takes place
  • Container event is an advanced feature that will link multiple events to one main event. Contact your Account Manager for more details.

3. Confirm the event blueprint, then click Proceed.

  • Select the SpotMe default blueprint.

4. Define the in-app appearance, then click Proceed.

  • Select your app from the Container App dropdown and select the option “Allow the event to appear only in this app”. This is an extra security layer that allows you to control which app your event can be installed within.
  • The In-app event list details are displayed in the app when participants are switching from one event to another. These details are visible to your participants and by default the Event and Venue details are used. We recommend using short and impactful terms here. The category of the app is automatically determined.

5. Review your settings and then click Create.

  • Event creation can take several minutes.

Accessing Your Event in Backstage

Access your event upon logging into Backstage.

1. From the Backstage homepage, locate the Your Events panel and select Live Events for a current event or Past Events if your event has already taken place.

2. Browse the event list, by using the search bar or manually scrolling, and select you event.

Managing Your Event Status

The event status determines whether an event will be shown in the event list after activating your app or not.

When you create a new event its status is “Pre-production”, which implies that the event will not be included in the event list.

Once an event is ready to be accessed by participants, its status in Backstage must be set to “Production”. This setting can be edited by clicking on Setup > Event Settings > Event Production Status > Choose Production Event from the dropdown menu.

Please note that only in two situations the status of the event should be “Production”:

1) The event is ready to be accessed by participants

2) The app hosting the event is submitted on the App Store for review. This is necessary for the App Review team to be able to test the app. The app publishing team will set the event back to Pre-production once the app is published.

Customizing Your Event Branding

Make sure to customize the app’s home screen banners next.

1. From the Backstage event, select the Home Editor module > Editor > Banner. You may need to press the button to expand all the modules.

2. Update your banner.

  • All banner images must be uploaded in PNG format with the PNG file extension. Use an image editing software to update or create your banners in the recommended size.
  • You will need two banners:
    • A portrait version measuring 1500x700px
    • And a landscape version measuring 2000x500px

You can also fully control the look and feel of your event from the Theme Editor module. To learn more about how to brand your app, check out our tip sheet “Branding your app” available in the Knowledge Base.

Adding Participants

The next step is to add participants to your events. Since you will most likely be testing your event, make sure to add yourself to the event as a participant, too.

1. From the Backstage event select the People module > Add Participants. You may have to press the button to expand all the modules.

2. To manually add a single participant, complete the following steps:

  • Enter the participant’s First Name, Last Name and E-Mail.
  • Enter other details if applicable.
  • Select the status as Active if the participant is confirmed and will be visible on the in-app participant list. Otherwise select Hidden if the participant should not be displayed. Use the Hidden status if you are registering yourself and should not be visible on the list.
  • Click Save.

Activating Your Event for Testing

The best way to make sure your event content displays as expected in the app is to test it on a device.

1. In Backstage, make sure you have added yourself as a participant to the event. Use the Hidden status if you need to be invisible on the participant list.

2. From the Backstage event, select the People module > Participant Finder. You may have to press the button to expand all the modules.

  • Enter your name in the Search Locate your profile and click on your name.
  • Locate the Event password in the right-hand panel.

3. Download the app from the Apple App Store or from Android Google Play. If the app is not published yet, you will be provided with a test version - check the box “Test your app” for all the details.

4. Install the app on your mobile or tablet device and open the app. You will be prompted to enter your email address. For testing purposes, you can enter your event password, or activation code, instead of the email address.

  • It will take few seconds to activate the event.

Please note that activation codes should not be provided to participants as an activation method.

Participants Activating Your Event

Activating the event is easy for participants – all they need to do is download your app and enter their registered email address.

Use the following steps to complete the activation process:

1. Download the app: participants receive the invitation to download the app.

  • Every event includes a standard “Download your SpotMe App” email template. You can customise it or create your own - just be sure to include the correct link to your app.
  • For more information on how to invite participants to your app, check out our tip sheet “Creating and Sending Your Invitation Email to Participants” available in the Knowledge Base.

2. Enter your email address: participants open the app and enter their registered email address. The activation email will be sent automatically.

3. Activate you app: participants open their registered email’s inbox on the device they have downloaded the app on and activate by clicking on the activation link in the activation email.

4. Access your event list: participants access the events list and select which event to open.

  • If a participant is invited to one event only, then the activation link will bring them directly to the event’s home screen.

5. Access the event



1. Bulk import - Use the Import XLS feature to directly import your participant list from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

2. No image editor? If you do not have image editing software installed on your computer you can use Pixlr, an online image editing web app that will enable quick image creation and resizing.

3. Test your app - Before your app is published in the stores, you will be provided with an installation link to test it on your device. Make sure to: Trust the developer under Settings > General > Device Management for iOS or Allow unknown sources under Settings > Lock screen and security > Unknown sources for Android

4. Live updates - Monitor updates in-app by selecting the Synced option in the menu. This will force the app to refresh and the latest data, branding, and configuration changes made in Backstage will be reflected in the app. It is a recommended best practice to sync the app and verify the changes for every major update done in Backstage.

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