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Learn how to prepare the assets to brand your app and how to submit the app for customization.

Consistent and appealing branding in the app has a tremendous effect on the participant experience. There are many parts of the app that can be customized to match the branding of your event. This tip sheet is a step-by-step guide for gathering the assets required to customize your app and submitting the app for branding. All assets are required unless noted with an (Optional) tag.

Preparing the Branded Event Assets

The event assets are branding elements that are unique to each event. These assets apply to any area within the app after the participant has used their activation code to activate an event or has selected an event from their events list in the app.

Event Name

The event name is visible in the multi-event menu and is specific to the event. The event name is limited to 175 characters. The event name can either match the home screen name if the app is branded for a single event or vary from the home screen name if the app is branded for an event series.

Event Icon

The event icon is visible in the multi-event menu and is specific to the event. If the event icon is different from the app icon, it should be submitted as a separate 512×512px .png file.

Event Banners

The event banners are the banner images that are prominently displayed at the top of the event home screen. Since the banner image displayed will vary based on device orientation, at least one banner image should be submitted for each orientation.

The required event banners include:
• At least one 2000×500px.png file to be used in landscape view
• At least one 1500×700px.png file to be used in portrait view

Audience Response (Optional)

If audience response sessions will be used at the event (Q&A, Polling, or Word Cloud), the SpotMe design team can design the branding of the on-screen materials to match the branding of the app. The branding for audience response sessions should be submitted as a PowerPoint slide deck that has the event branding which will be used in on-site presentations. The audience response sessions are the only part of the app, which must be uploaded by the SpotMe team.


The overall theme of your app could be customized using the Theme Editor by setting:

• Navigation Bar and Toolbar Colors

The navigation bar and toolbar colors are the colors of the menu header and footer appearing in the app. The navigation bar is visible at all times above the SpotMan menu. Similarly, the toolbar is visible below the content window when the corresponding content displays the toolbar.

• SpotMan Menu Colors

The SpotMan menu colors are the colors of the main menu area in the event. There are two areas in the SpotMan menu that can have the colors branded. The first area is the background color which features most prominently. The second area is the section header color, which is used in separator menu items.

The SpotMan menu, navigation bar and toolbar colors should be submitted in hexadecimal (i.e. "#DC6900") or RGB (i.e. "(220,105,0)") format for each of the two items. Alternatively, a request can be made for the SpotMe design team to set these colors based on the event branding if desired.

Event Font (Optional)

A custom font can be provided for use within the event. In order to incorporate a custom font, the .ttf files for the font should be sent over with at least the regular, bold, and italic versions of the font included.

Although it is possible to use custom fonts for the app interface, we're advising you to carefully consider this feature since it adds to load time of the app, reduces text legibility and violates interface design guidelines on each platform.

If you do decide to use custom fonts, make sure to upload only fonts you have rights to use.

Submitting Your App for Branding

Once you have gathered the assets for your app to be branded, everything must be submitted to the SpotMe design team. You have three main options available regarding the submission for branding:

1)  You provide only some guidelines and indications regarding your branding preferences to the SpotMe team, which takes care of the rest, submitting and uploading the assets;

2)  You submit the assets and information listed in the table below while the SpotMe team just uploads the branding assets.

Event Icon

Event Banners

SpotMan Menu Colors

Audience Response PowerPoint Slide(Optional)

Event Name

Navigation Bar and Toolbar Colors

Event Font (Optional)

Organization Branding Guidelines

The third option is to upload and submit the gathered assets as well as to design the theme of the app by yourself using the Theme Editor in Backstage. The Editor allows you to:

a) Upload the necessary assets using the available tab 'Graphics'– simply click on the empty image to upload the in-app icon, phone and tablet splash screens. Furthermore, you have the option to customize the color of the text, progress bar and spinner visible on the splash screen page.

b) Customize the theme of the app using the available tab 'Theme' – here you have the option to set the text and background color of the Main menu and Titlebar.

     • By using the 'Advanced' option tab at the bottom of the page, you will be able to customize the colors of your event even in more details.
     • You can also choose the event font among the already available or upload your own specific font in .ttf format.
     • Using the 'Wizard' option at the bottom of the page, you can simply drag and drop a visual asset such as logo or a banner related to your event, and a list of automatically generated themes will appear. You can choose the one that best suits your branding preferences, save it and further customize the app.
     • Finally, using the 'Import' option, you can import an already created theme from a different event by choosing the source event in the appearing drop-down menu.

c) Upload a profile banner by going to the Navigation menu and clicking on the profile row.

In summary, using the Theme Editor you can easily design the overall look of your app or you can take advantage of the other available options for branding. In any case, the audience response sessions must be taken care of by the SpotMe team.








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