App Publishing Requirements


Learn what are the required assets to get your app published and follow the provided tips to prepare them in the best possible way.

This tip sheet is a step-by-step guide for gathering the assets required to get your app published on the App Store and Google Play. All assets are required unless noted as Optional. It is up to you to decide whether you will provide all the assets listed here by yourselves or the SpotMe team will design them in accordance with your needs.

Please note that for the purpose of submitting a new container app, you must have an existing Developer account. For more information, please visit the Developer Account Creation page.

Preparing the Text Assets

App Name
Your app name on the App Store and Google Play is designed to appeal to your potential users. It is the first asset that they will search for and look at. It is limited to 30 characters.

• The app name needs to be unique, descriptive, and keyword rich.
• For different apps in dates and regions, put an identifier (e.g. "SpotMe Event Asia" ).
• For a multi-event app, keep the app name generic (e.g. "SpotMe Events").

Springboard Name
The springboard name appears underneath the app icon on the home screen of the device. It is limited to 12 characters on both iOS and Android devices. Use the springboard name as an abbreviated event name.

Keywords (App Store only)
Keywords have the biggest impact on app store search rankings and should lead potential users to your app. The App Store allows you to use 100 characters in order to list your keywords.

• Use numbers (5) instead of names of numbers (five).
• Treat plurals and typos as different keywords.
• Use shorter keywords in various combinations.

Long Description
For both iOS and Android apps, the description is a landing page. On the App Store it is not indexed in search. On Google Play, however, the app description affects the search algorithm. The description must be up to 4000 characters.

• The first few sentences are most important (displayed as a preview).
• Include your app’s main benefits and key features.
• Use target keywords but no more than 4-5 times in the whole text.

Short Description (Google Play only)
The short description displays an abbreviated text about the app. It is limited to 80 characters. Be concise and help users focus on the primary benefits of the app.

Activation Screen - Optional
The activation screen text is visible upon installing and opening the app on the device. It instructs the user how to access the app. The text is limited to 240 characters. The left and right footers are redirect buttons leading to a URL or an email address (e.g. "More information" and "Support").

Preparing the Visual Assets

App icon
The app icon is the first visual that will appear on the App Store and Google Play when a user views the app page. It is also the image that shows on the home screen of a device.

• The app icon should be tasteful and reflect the branding of the app.
• Avoid a graphically busy icon.
• Make sure that the event logo contrasts well against the background

The app screenshots are displayed in the App Store and Google Play when viewing the app page. The App Store displays only those screenshots that match the device the participant is viewing the app page on. Google Play displays all screenshots for all devices when viewing the app page.

By default, we provide for you the screenshots for both stores, including Splash Page, Home Screen, Voting or Q&A, and Agenda, using an automated system for their generation and framing. If you want to submit specific screens to the store, just inform us or provide the respective screenshots in accordance with the requirements in the table below.

Splash Page
The splash page is the image that will show while the app is loading and while a user is entering his/her activation code for the first time.

• Keep vital text or graphics restricted to the center space of the image.
• Any text or logo must contrast well against the background color of the page.
• Each splash page image should be no larger than 80KB in size.

Feature Graphic (Google Play only)
The feature graphic is the image that appears as a banner on Google Play when viewing the app page on a device. It should be a 1024×500px.png file with no transparency (e.g. no alpha layer) on the image.









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