SpotMe Visual Asset Checklist

Theme Assets

  • Event List Icon
    • Format: 512x512px PNG-24
    • Description: This image identifies an individual event in the event list, so supply a distinctive icon for each event in a multi-event app
  • Splash Screen (Tablet)
    • Format: 2048x2048px PNG-24
    • Description: This image is visible on app start and before activating an app
  • Splash Screen (Phone)
    • Format: 1242x2208px PNG-24
    • Description: The splash screen is an excellent opportunity to showcase branding

Home Screen Assets

  • Home Screen Banner (Portrait)
    • Format: 1500x700px PNG-24 or JPG
    • Description: This image is always visible at the top of the app home screen
  • Home Screen Banner (Landscape)
    • Format: 2000x500px PNG-24 or JPG
    • Description: As above, for landscape orientations
  • Short Default Block
    • Format: 1000x200px PNG-24 or JPG
  • Tall Default Block
    • Format: 1000x400px PNG-24 or JPG
  • Short Narrow Block
    • Format: 500x200px PNG-24 or JPG
    • Description: This size block displaus differently on phones and tablets.
  • Custom Home Block
    • Format: 1000x272px PNG-24 or JPG
    • Description: Can be displayed in both Portrait and Landscape mode. Works well for integrating custom text and icons placed in the center of the block image.
  • Home Screen Icon or Button
    • Format: 300x300px PNG-24
    • Description: Use 50px transparent margins on all sides for best results.

Other Various Assets 

  • Navigation Menu Icon
    • Format: 72x72px PNG-24
    • Description: Important! Always use 16px transparent margins on all sides.
  • Participant or Speaker Profile Photo
    • Format: 400x400px JPG file
  • Page Banner
    • Format: 600x150px PNG-24 or JPG. Alternatively, 600x600px is possible, test alternate sizes before publication!
  • Sponsor Page Banner
    • Format: 600x150px PNG-24 Transparent background recommended.
  • Sponsor Logo for Home Screen
    • Format: 300–600x300px PNG-24 Use transparent background and 30px transparent margins.
  • Email Banner
    • Format: 600x150px PNG-24 or JPG
  • In-app Map
    • Format: 2000x2000px SVG
    • Description: Center maps and prepare one file for each floor.
  • Feed banner
    • Format: 960x490px PNG-24 or JPG
  • Feed Images
    • Format: 2000x400px PNG-24 or JPG


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