Managing Feeds And Posts


Learn how to create and manage Feeds and posts.

This tip sheet is a step-by-step guide for creating and managing feeds and posts, both in Backstage and in the app.

Creating a Feed

A Feed will host all posts and is what users will interact with from the app. You can set-up multiple Feeds for different purposes and audiences.


To create a Feed:

  1. Click on Create a Feed tab under the Feeds module
  2. Configure your feed. These settings can be revised afterwards.
  • Title - which will be used when linking to this feed from other items
  • Description - to be used when linking to this feed from other items
  • Allow posting controls - whether participants can post on this feed
  • Allow commenting controls - whether participants can write comments and replies on posts or not
  • Banner - This is the banner that will be displayed in-app at the top of your feed.

Accessing Feeds

A Feed can be accessed from multiple places, main menu and the home screen being two most common ones.

Adding a feed to the main menu
A Feed can be accessed from multiple places, main menu and the home screen being two most common ones.Screen_Shot_2017-07-10_at_2.04.59_PM.png

  1. Navigate to SpotMan Menu module from Backstage
  2. Under "Add a custom item" section, chose "Feed launcher" from the dropdown menu
  3. Customize the label and the icon (or leave default values)
  4. To link the Feed, next to "Feed" label click Choose and find the Feed you've created in previous step.

Adding a feed to the home screen
You can also showcase your feed on the home screen of the app by adding an interactive block to it. This block will showcase latest posts and photos from your feed. To add a new home block:

  1. Navigate to Home editor module in Backstage
  2. Add a new row using Add a row or click on an existing empty block. We recommend to use a wide block
  3. For "Block type" chose "Feed"
  4. Next to "Feed" label, click Choose and find the Feed you want to showcase
  5. Click save and sync your app

You can then customise the amount of posts to display (up to 5), the sliding interval and colors to customize the look and feel of the block.

Creating posts
Once you have a Feed set up, it's time to add some content to it. As an empty feed could be intimidating to participants, make sure to post a few things before they start using the app. This will help to set the tone and purpose of your feed.

Posts can be created from Backstage or from the app. Posts created from Backstage are usually used to post important content by the organiser, while in-app posts are created by participants.

A. Creating posts from Backstage

Posts created from Backstage are usually used to post important content that you want to share with everyone, reminders, study milestones, news articles, etc.


  1. Click on Create a Post tab under Feeds module
  2. Fill out the relevant details:
  • Title is the only required field and will be displayed at the top of your post. Keep it short and informative
  • Body will be the main content of your post, there is no limit on the length of it
  • Order if your Feed is using manual sorting this field will be used to determine the order in which posts are displayed (lower number will make the post appear first)
  • Posted at filed will be used to display the time your post was written and will be also used for date-based sorting
  • Moderation status: make sure to set it to Approved, as other posts will not appear in the app. You can use this field to hide or show posts on the fly
  • Linked feed is the feed in which your post will appear in
  • Image will be displayed just below the content if present
  • Attachments are links to other content of your app that can be attached to your post, things like agenda items, speaker profiles, etc.

    3. Click Save and sync your app Creating posts from the app

B. Creating posts from the app

  1. Navigate to your Feed in the app
  2. Tap New post icon in the top right
  3. Enter the text and/or attach a photo you want to post
  4. Tap Send


To attach a photo, in Android an iOS apps click either on the gallery or camera icons.

Gallery icon will let participants post a photo they have already taken, while with camera option they can take and post photos directly from the app.

Participants using the Web App can post any photo from their computer by clicking the attachment icon and choosing a photo.

Mentions and hashtags
When composing posts from the app, you can also mention other participants and add hashtags to your post.

To mention another participant, simply type @ and continue typing participant's name, when their full name appears in a dropdown menu make sure to select it from there. When you mention someone they will receive a notification.

Adding hashtags is even simpler, anything you type after # sign will become a hashtag which can then be used to filter posts.

While you can add hashtags to comments and replies, they will not be visible in the hashtag search.

Tips & tricks
Leaving Posted at and order fields empty will pin your post to the top of the feed and make it always visible.


Posts can be moderated both from Backstage and the apps. Backstage moderation is available to all Backstage users while in-app moderation can be done only by selected participants.

A. Backstage moderation

  1. Navigate to All Posts tab under Feeds module and click on a post you want to moderate.
  2. From here you can either edit the text of the post, or completely hide it from the feed
  • Editing the text is done by updating Title field for posts created by participants or Title and Body for posts created from Backstage
  • Removing a photo can be done by clicking remove icon next to the photo 
  • Hiding a post is done by changing it's Moderation status:
    • Approved posts are visible to everyone
    • Disapproved posts will be visible to other in-app moderators from where they can change the status
    • Pending are posts that have yet to be reviewed by moderators. They are not visible to other participants
    • Deleted posts are not visible to anyone in-app but can be seen in Backstage

    3. Click Save

B. In-app moderation

Only Feed moderators can see these controls. As a moderator, open the feed in the app.


Below each post you will be able to:

  • See new posts that need to be reviewed
  • Toggle visibility of posts
  • Delete any post
To toggle visibility of a post-tap the appropriate icon (the eye one).

In-app moderators will also receive email notifications upon each new post, with a preview of the post and a link to Backstage from where they can approve or hide the post.

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