Adding Interactive QR Codes


Learn how to connect QR codes to trigger specific actions in-app to engage your participants.

You can use the Shortlinks module to connect a QR code that, once scanned within the App with the Scan function, will trigger a specific action, such as opening a Page or a Form.

Creating a Shortlink


Fill out the following information:

  • Short name: it is the actual content of the QR code - it must be unique and start with SL. Example name, SL001, SL002, etc. Make sure there are no spaces or special characters in the name. You can create your own QR code using free services like or you can find them in our Resource Library.
  • Reference Name: it is the name used in Backstage only to identify the shortlink. 
  • Actions: select here the action that will be triggered after scanning the QR code


Different options for actions

From the left panel you can select from four different actions:
  • Add to bookmarks – select an item that would be bookmarked when the QR code is scanned. Just select the action and from the following dropdown menu select the type of item you would like to be automatically added to the participants' bookmarks.
  • Open an item – choose the type of item, then the specific item you would like to open, once the QR is scanned. The most used types are:
    • Can – select it to link the action to a specific document
    • Shelf – select it to link the action to a specific shelf
    • Session – select it to link the action to a specific session
    • Presenter – select it to link the action to a specific presenter 
    • Page – select it to link the action to a specific document
  • Show a popup message – by filling title and message body, the message can pop up, once you scan the QR code. There is an option to link an item to the message as well.

You can combine both "Show a popup message" and "Open an item". You would then be able to show a message directing the user to a specific in-app item.

  • Edit Profile - once the attendees scan the respective QR code, they will be redirected directly to their profile in order to edit their contact information or upload a profile photo.

Exporting QR Codes

From the Shortlinks module, you can also download the scans done by a participant by simply clicking "Export XLS" in the right side of the page. A spreadsheet will then be generated with the details of the scans.

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