Enterprise Publishing

Enterprise publishing refers to the process of submitting an app to an in-house enterprise store, which can differ based on the MAM (Mobile Application Management) platform used.

In order to distribute your app on an enterprise store, you need to:

1. Enroll in the Apple Developer Enterprise Program

2. Get access to your Enterprise Developer account so you can manage your devices, IDs, and entitlements for building additional capabilities into your apps.

Client to provide

1. Distribution channel for the app - client to inform SpotMe about which of the following channel will be used:

  • Web distribution

  • Mobile application management platform/internal store*:

    • MobileIron Apps@Work

    • Citrix Worx

    • Airwatch

2. ACK issuance - client to send to their SpotMe contact the following files:

  • Exact App ID

  • Push Notification Certificate (.cer file) and Corresponding private key (.p12 file)

  • Password protecting the .p12 file

3. Client to provide email address for SpotMe to send app releases

4. Client to re-sign the provided .ipa file with their Enterprise certificate and target app id

SpotMe to provide:

1. Signed with SpotMe Enterprise certificate .ipa file

  • The .ipa file must be resigned with the client’s enterprise certificate and target app id

  • The push notifications must be tested by at least two users on two different devices

2. Android build (.apk file) ready for deployment

  • The .apk file must not be resigned or additionally processed in any other way

3. Screenshots for all target devices

MAM deployment checklist

After uploading app to your internal store, please follow the following checklist:

  • Ensure that CFBundleIdentifier (bundle id) parameter in Info.plist exactly matches App ID created in step 1

  • Do not change value of CFBundleVersion parameter in Info.plist (app version)

  • Install app on the enrolled device, activate with your personal code and validate that it works correctly.

Please visit the Apple Developer Guide for more information about creating ids and certificates.

Learn more about re-signing apps here.

*Please note that apps are signed with SpotMe Enterprise certificate and need to be re-signed by the client

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