What is Backstage?

Backstage is the content management system that supports every SpotMe event app. It provides unparalleled opportunities for managing your app data, moderating your event, and running interactive sessions.

Who is it for?

Backstage is for anyone who wants to build and manage their own premium event app. You can run multiple events with agendas, participants, documents, networking, and SpotMe’s robust interactive tools.

From importing agendas and participant lists to creating surveys and loading documents, we provide comprehensive training for your team on how to manage your event app.


Flexible Service Levels

Choose the service level that provides your team with the right level of support for your mobile app and event needs.

From full-service, where we build the app for you and provide on-site support, to self- service, where we train you to manage the app yourself, to everything in between. We have the service that’s right for you. Unsure what’s right for you? Talk to us. We have decades of event experience and would be happy to help you find the right solution for your team and event.

Access - Backstage is web-based and works with any modern browser, from your computer or your tablet.

Speed - Make updates on the fly—any changes you make to your data is synchronized across all devices within 2 minutes.

Power - Register participants, batch import and export data, documents and images.

Insight - Use Backstage metrics and interactive tools to maximize your ROI.

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