How to use Activity challenge

Note: Activity challenge used to be know was Gamification before March 2019.


Create interactive challenges to foster participation and engagement.

Get started with creating your challenge

To get started, you need to add the Activity Challenge module to your app. To do that: 

  • Navigate to Setup > Marketplace
  • Find "Activity Challenge" in the list and confirm installation

Setup Game Configuration: 

  • In Backstage go to Activity Challenge > Create Game Configuration
  • Enter the name of the game 
  • In “Header” enter description of the game, provide instructions, etc. The header appears below the name of the game in the app
  • In “Footer” enter additional notes or instructions
  • In “Terms” specify any terms and conditions that the participant needs to accept in order to join the game


Setup Game objectives:

  •  Click on “Create” under “Objectives” (on the Game Configuration page)
  • Enter the name of the objective
  • In “Content” fill any additional description of the specific objective. The text appears right under the name of the objective
  • In the “Threshold” field specify the maximum number of points a participant can earn for completing the objective
  • Set any additional points earned when completing the objective


Setup activities

  • Click on the name of the objective you have just created
  • On the “Game Objective View” page click on “Create” under” Activities”
  • Enter name and description (content) for the activity in the same way as when defining game objectives
  • Define how many points to earn per item done for the activity - for example, for every form filled the participant will get 1 point
  • Define how many points to earn when completing the whole activity - for example, when the participant fills all the forms, he/she will get 10 points
  • Define Threshold - it is by default unlimited
  • Choose an action when the participant clicks on the activity in the app - add to bookmarks, open an item, open a link or show a pop-up message.
  • When done, click save and open the “Game Activity View” page to setup the provider
  • The provider is the actual activity that the participant needs to do in order to get points
  • Choose the one you need from the list and at the bottom of the page you can specify the exact point in time before or after which the app will start counting activity completion
  • If you choose as provider QnA, Voting or Word Cloud, on the right side you can specify the exact interactive session the activity will be linked to



Setup Leaderboards

  • Go to “Create Leaderboard” and fill all the basic details
  • Link the leaderboard to a game by choosing the name of the game under “Game Configuration” on the right side
  • Upload 16:9 and 4:3 background images (the same concept as with the background of QnA and Voting sessions)
  • Set visibility targets and save
  • Go to “List Leaderboards” - you can download the participants' earned points in excel format. The Launch button is for presenting the overall results after the game has finished. It provides a list of participants' with their total earned points in the order chosen in the field "Group Scoring Mode" on the “Point Leaderboard” page.



  • Remove or add the participants' details that are included in the exported excel spreadsheet with the game results


Make the Game visible in the app

You can make the game visible either on the Navigation menu or on the Home page of the app.

Show the game on the Navigation Menu of the app 

  • Go to SpotMan menu -> Click on “Add an item” -> Choose “Game Launcher” from the drop-down menu -> Add a new shared translation and set the Label (name) of the game as it would appear on the Navigation menu.
  • Link the game to the menu by clicking on “Choose” next to the “Game to open” option and select the already created game that you want to be visible on the menu


Show the game on the Home page of the app 

  • Go to Home Editor -> Add a row -> Select a Block -> Save the layout 
  • Click on the newly created Block -> Choose “Open Game” in the “Block type” drop-down menu
  • Under “Game to open” option click on choose and select the game that you want to appear on the Home page of the app
  • Choose the appropriate display options for the game and Save



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