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This module introduces a new behaviour in Frontstage that allows creating PDFs for form responses, which can then be shared and commented.

How to install

Install package pkg-pdf-forms directly in Backstage.


It works with the following forms components:

  • Choice (single answer, multiple answers and dropdown)
  • Rating Scale (star rating, slider and radio buttons)
  • Text input

The following components are not supported:

  • Date
  • Matrix
  • Rank

It is suitable for small events (it was tested with 200 responses) - for bigger events, additional testing is needed.

How to use

Backstage setup

1. Install the package. 

2. Create a form (or selecting the existing one)

2. In the form content page, scroll down to the Behaviours section and click on Forms

3. In the right panel, tick Generate survey response pdf

4. Save.

In-app use

The package adds 2 SpotMan Menu items:

  • My Statements: it includes the list of personal submissions to the forms with the Generate survey response pdf' behaviour enabled.
  • Shared Statements: it includes all submissions that have been shared.

The form can be accessed as any form.




Uses cases

Car sharing

The module was used as car sharing: participants submit a form with the details of the ride they wanted to offer and then published it, others were able to comment and 'book' it in the comments section.

My commitment

The module was included in a learning program, where users are asked to fill in a personal commitment after the training. Then the commitments are shared and the instructors are able to comment as a follow-up.

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