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This module introduces a new behaviour in Frontstage that allows creating PDFs for form responses, which can then be shared and commented.

How to install

Install package pkg-pdf-forms directly in Backstage.


It works with the following forms components:

  • Choice (single answer, multiple answers and dropdown)
  • Rating Scale (star rating, slider and radio buttons)
  • Text input

The following components are not supported:

  • Date
  • Matrix
  • Rank

It is suitable for small events (it was tested with 200 responses) - for bigger events, additional testing is needed.

Backstage setup

Enable PDF Generator on Forms

1. Install the package. 

2. Create a form (or selecting the existing one)

3.  In the form content page, scroll down to the Behaviours section and from "Available new behaviours", select "PDF Generator"

4. In the right panel of the "PDF Generator" behaviour, select the PDF template you want to use for this form (see below on how to create a template with the template editor)

5. Save.

Statements Management Block

By default, the package adds 2 SpotMan Menu items:

  • My Statements: it includes the list of personal submissions to all the forms with the Generate survey response pdf behaviour enabled.
  • Shared Statements: it includes all submissions that have been shared.

If you want to display a list of submissions only for one specific form, you need to create a frontstage page and add the block "Statements Management". That frontstage page can then be launched from anywhere in the app. In the block options in the right panel, you can:

  • choose whether the list created will show personal or shared statements
  • select the specific form for which submissions will be shown. If no specific form is selected, submissions for all forms will be shown. If a specific form is selected, the box "Group in Subfolders" must be ticked
  • choose the display view of the list
  • choose the background colour of a shared submission
  • enable/disable commenting, sharing and deleting submissions
  • set a maximum number of submissions that can be shared, per user per form (a different limit can be shared for each form by using the "+" button)



Template Editor

The template can be created and edited from the Forms to PDF module. You must create a template in order to use the PDF Generator behaviour on a form. It is a good practice to create one template per form content.

The editor works in the same way as the email template editor.

In order to include the questions and answers, it is necessary to add the following in the template, where valueKey is indicated in the advanced options of the question block in the form:

  • {{blocks.valueKey.question}} to include the question
  • {{blocks.valueKey.answer}} to include the answer to the question

Ex. if the value key of the question is jkmgoe0m-aa4ifr:

  • To include the question in the template, type {{blocks.jkmgoe0m-aa4ifr.question}}
  • To include the answer in the template, type {{blocks.jkmgoe0m-aa4ifr.answer}}

IMPORTANT: when adding questions to the form content, make sure to edit the template accordingly.

In-app use

The form can be accessed as any form.


The forms responses (generated by the forms where PDF generation is enabled) can be found:

- in the 2 SpotMan menu items added by default (My Statements and Shared Statements), where all responses for all forms are shown in the same list

- on a frontstage page where a Statements Management block is added and configured to display a list of responses to a certain form only



Uses cases

Car sharing

The module was used as car sharing: participants submit a form with the details of the ride they wanted to offer and then published it, others were able to comment and 'book' it in the comments section.

My commitment

The module was included in a learning program, where users are asked to fill in a personal commitment after the training. Then the commitments are shared and the instructors are able to comment as a follow-up.

Learning Statement

The module is a dependency for Learning Statement

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