Branding Guide

What Elements do we personalize?

Customizing your application is key for brand recognition and memorability. This guide will allow you to better understand the elements we personalize or provide us directly with the right assets.


App icon

App icon will be displayed on your device, in the stores, and the in event list if you have multiple events in your application.


Best practices:

  • Keep design simple and small text limited. Your app icon will be displayed in smaller version on devices.


Loading Screen

This screen will be displayed while the app is loading.


Best practices:

  • Keep logo in the upper part of the screen. iOS and Android default loading area appear in the center of the screen.
  • Avoid placing logos in the margin of the screen. Tablet loading screen must work in both landscape and portrait mode.


Home banner

The home banner is static at the top of the home page.


Best practices:

  • We usually display standard information such as logo, name, place and dates of the meeting.
  • Portrait banner will appear when the device is in ‘portrait orientation’ but this is still a horizontal banner.


Home Blocks

Home blocks are shortcuts from the home page to the most important features.


Best practices:

  • Keep content in the center area of your picture. Home blocks are automatically resized to the device – depending on the device, the margin might not appear.
  • Instead of a picture, block can feature an icon placed on plain color background on either left or right side



Wallpapers are used only on devices lent by SpotMe (iPads or iPods).


Best practices:

  • Keep your logo and text in the upper part of the screen. iOS will place different elements (date, activation slider, etc…) and automatically resize the wallpaper.
  • Create two versions to differentiate locked and unlocked screen


Optional Assets


A few examples



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