Creating and displaying custom lists

This functionality allows you to create custom lists of participants, presenters or sponsors and use those for targeting purposes or to display them on the Navigation menu.

To use either of the custom list builders in Backstage, navigate to the relevant module (People, Presenters or Sponsors) and then go to:

  1. Preferences
  2. Click "+" next to "Custom lists" 
  3. Enter the name of the list and optionally configure an icon (it will be used when launching the list from a Page)
  4. Configure filtering rules

Filtering rules can be combined to create complex logic. To configure a condition:

  1. Select a metadata field from the dropdown by which you wish to target the list
  2. From the second dropdown select check which will be performed if the item should be in the list or not:
    • Equals: value in the presenter/sponsor will have to match one on the right
    • Contains: value in the presenter/sponsor must contain value on the right (for text this means a part of the string must be contained, while for lists all selected items)
    • Is defined: value in the presenter/sponsor must be defined (no text and empty lists are considered not to be defined)
  3. On the right select or type the desired value


To add another condition click either "and" or "or" button. For a presenter/sponsor to be displayed all conditions connected with "and" need to be satisfied, for groups of conditions connected with "or" only one of the groups needs to be satisfied.

To link a certain custom participants list in a certain page, you should select Link List component and then select Participants List under Links. From the second drop-down menu you'll be able to select a certain custom participants list.


If you wish to link a custom list on a section from the menu, you should go to SpotMan Menu module, select +Add an item, then select Generic item launcher and then choose Participants list > your custom list from the second drop down menu.




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