Event App Guide

10 Steps to a Successful Event

You will shortly be in touch with your SpotMe Project Lead who will take your project to the finish line.

This page provides you with useful information on how to best prepare for it.



#1 - Our project plan

#2 - Your milestones

#3 - Locations

#4 - Key contacts

#5 - The user journey

App branding and content

#6 - Your branding guidelines

#7 – App content

#8 – Interactivity

#9 – Technical requirements

#10 – Follow our brilliant basics

#1 – Our Project Plan

After the kick-off call, your Project Lead will send you a detailed timeline specific to your project.


#2 – Your Milestones

Understanding your time constraints will help us better plan ahead.

Prior to the event

  • When will you have the different content elements ready in: 1) first draft version, 2) final version?
  • When does the final app needs to be approved? Any specific compliance process to follow
  • When will the participants be able to access the app? Is full content expected at that point in time?
  • Any other important milestone we should be aware of? (extra sign-offs, 3rd-party reliance)

During the event

  • When will your participants arrive onsite for registration?
  • When can we access the plenary room and the workshop rooms (if any)?
  • When will technical and speaker rehearsals take place (if any)?
  • When will participants leave the venue?
  • Any other onsite time constraints we should be aware of?


#3 – Locations

Understanding where things happen will be critical for us to coordinate our onsite team.

Event activities

  • Where is the plenary room? Are we going to use other meeting rooms for workshops?
  • In which rooms will sessions with interactivity take place?
  • Which areas should have Wifi coverage for participants to connect?
  • Where will the registration desk be located?


  • We will need space to store our equipment and a minimal technical setup. Is a dedicated production office available? If not, will we share one? Which room would this be?
  • Please provide us with the names and addresses of all venues where we will have to intervene.


#4 – Key Contacts

In order to produce the best possible app, we will need to communicate with various stakeholders and suppliers. The quicker we are in touch with everyone, the smoother the process will be.

Your SpotMe team

  • Account Manager/Business Development Manager: answers questions linked to your contract.
  • Project Manager: builds the application to match your needs. He is your main contact.
  • Project Supports: second the Project lead for app preparation and onsite support.

Stakeholders and suppliers

  • Agencies: to provide us with logistics and event- specific content.
  • End client: to give final sign-off.
  • Venue Event Manager: to support us with logistics arrangements and eventual IT support.
  • Venue IT Manager: to support us in building our onsite network.
  • AV supplier: to support us in bringing interactivity to life.


#5 – The User Journey

Before the event:

  • Do you want to share content (logistics information, videos, pre-meeting questionnaire etc.) with your participants before the meeting?

  • When are you planning to release the application? We recommend to do it one week prior to the meeting

During the event:

  • Should we highlight any specific features when welcoming participants?

  • How would you like to introduce the application?

  • Would you like to include a User Guide?

After the event:

  • Would you like to allow your participants to retrieve content created during the meeting?

  • Do you want to share other content?


#6 – Your Branding Guidelines

Customizing your application is key for brand recognition and memorability.

Our designers follow your brand guidelines and personalize the elements below:

  • App icon

  • Loading screen

  • Home banner (1), home blocks (2) and menu (3)

  • Invitation e-mails

  • Devices wallpaper (if SpotMe devices provided)

If you wish to better understand these elements, or provide us directly with the right assets, you can navigate to the "Branding Guide" page.



#7 – App Standard Content

Before Kick-Off

  1. Agenda
    • Session Title
    • Start and end time
    • Location
    • Speakers (if any)
  2. Participants list
    • Full name
    • E-mail address
    • Company & position
    • Workshop allocation
  3. Floorplans
    • Map of the venue
    • Room allocation

During Project

  1. Evaluation Forms
    • Questions and options
    • Release date and time
    • Targets (if any)
  2. Messages
    • Subject and body
    • Sender name
    • Release date and time
    • Targets (if any)
  3. Others
    • Faculty bio & pictures
    • Welcome letter
    • Logistical Information
    • Presentations/abstracts
    • Interactivity questions
    • Library documents (if any)


#8 – Interactivity

Choosing interactive features

Encouraging participation during your event is key. Here are a few questions to guide you:

  • What is the objective of each session? How can the app help participants reach it?

  • Should we use the app during workshops?

  • Should we plan activities during breaks (networking, posters, knowledge quiz etc.)?

Keep in mind that certain types of interactivity requires equipment to be setup, as well as the physical presence of a SpotMe staff.

Engaging Speakers

Communicating to speakers about the tool is crucial to a high level engagement event.

You can share the "Interactivity Guide" to your speakers.

We will also brief your speakers onsite to make sure interactivity runs smoothly.

Branding interactivity

Live interactivity screens will be branded, reflecting your CI. It is also important to indicate the screen ratio: 16/9 or 4/3

Picking a jingle

Playing music during voting and word cloud is a great way to set an atmosphere. We have some standard jingle but we are always happy to use another song.


#9 – Technical Requirements

Having a strong and reliable network is crucial to ensure a great onsite user experience. In order to build it, we need to know more about your needs.

Technical requirements

  • Should SpotMe provide Wifi for participants to connect their personal devices? If so, which locations need to be covered?
  • If your event is in an hotel, should participants access Wifi in their rooms?
  • Do you have specific bandwidth requirement (Mb/s)? Are high-bandwidth consumption activities planned?

Security requirements

  • Have you already negotiated Wifi or internet connections with the venue?
  • Do you have a preference for the Wifi name and password or security requirements?
  • Do you have any specific security requirements?


#10 - Follow Our Brilliant Basics

The next tips will help you understand how we can best collaborate together.

Providing content

  • Use SpotMe templates when available
  • Send the original document, avoid copying excel table in emails or sending pictures of document
  • Always specify when new content should be live in the app and if there is a specific visibility target (which participants should see it)
  • Keep ID numbers in the participant list

Communicating updates

  • Highlight changes in your documents, when sending over new revisions,
  • Consolidate updates and send it when there are major changes

Team organization

  • Assign one preferred person of contact to send content / refer to onsite
  • Include us when planning set-up and keep us in the loop for any preparatory onsite meeting or rehearsals

Kick-Off Checklist


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