Copying an event

Event copying allows you to copy the following items from the supported modules:

  • Data (ex. sessions, speakers)
  • Assets (ex. speaker photos, documents)
  • Module preferences (ex. whether to use Nearby or not in contacts)
  • Metadata changes (ex. custom field added to person type)
  • App configuration (ex. home screen and main menu configuration)
  • Translation

To copy an event in Backstage, navigate to your template event and:

  1. Click Setup
  2. Click Copy event data
  3. Select target event from the dropdown. Data will be copied to this event.
  4. On the second screen review modules that might be missing on target event or outdated.
  5. On the next screen, review changes that will be done. Pay attention to things marked with override label.

Supported modules

Full list of modules supporting event copying


  1. Before initiating the event data copy process, make sure to review the list of supported modules.
  2. Ensure that your template event has all necessary packages up-to-date.
  3. Make sure to identify what will need to be copied to your future events and include only that content in the template event.
    • For example, if you include a participant list in your template event, the list will be copied to the the target event. Therefore, you should not create participant profiles in the template, if your future events will not be attended by the same participants.
  4. After the event copy process is completed, make sure to review all of the information transferred to your target event
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