Transfer Requirements


The usual process of completing an app transfer is:

1. Contact your SpotMe Account Manager with the information listed below the Requirements section.

2. SpotMe initiates the app transfer.

3. Client accepts the app transfer.

4. Client provides access to SpotMe to their Developer accounts.

Below you can find all the information needed for transferring your app under your own Developer account.

An app transfer takes approximately two business days and could only be accepted by the Team Agent role in your developer account.


The preliminary requirements for app transfer are:

1. Your developer account cannot be in a pending or changing state, and the latest version of the agreements in the Agreements, Tax, and Banking section must be accepted.

2. You need to provide to your SpotMe representative the following information: 

1) App Store

  • App Name
  • Apple ID for the team agent in your organization
    • An Apple ID is an Apple-issued account with a name and password. The Apple ID is the main email address that has been used to register your developer account.
  • Team ID
    • You can find your Team ID by logging into the Apple Developer Console and navigating to the "Membership" section.

2) Google Play

  • App Name
  • Developer name of your account
  • Primary account email address
    • The email address used to register the developer account
  • Transaction ID of your account registration
    • You can find this on the receipt that was emailed to you when you registered for each account.
    • If you can't find the ID in your email, check your transactions on the account you used to pay the account registration fee.

Once the above information is provided, the SpotMe App Publishing team will initiate the app transfer.

For more information on how to accept the transfer agreement, please visit the following page.

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