Yammer Feed


1. Groups: list of all groups to which the user belongs. Alternatively, it is possible to set in Backstage specifically which groups can be accessed for a more focused experience


2.  Topic: access all content for a set hashtag/topic, configurable in Backstage. This tab includes a search for topics, so that other can be displayed.


It can work in conjunction with the Yammer SSO: if a user activates the app with it, the feed can be accessed without additional login.

The Yammer feed display text posts only. Attachments, videos, images are not supported.

How to use

Create Yammer app
The client needs to create the SpotMe app in Yammer:
SpotMe provides the Redirect URL to the client:
https://[node][eid]/nodehandlers/yammer/oauth-callback where [node] is replaced by actual node used for the event and where [eid] is replaced by the event ID.
The client needs to indicate the Javascript's origins in the app setup. As Javascript origins, it is necessary to indicate the node on which the event is running. 
SpotMe provides the URLs. For example, if the event is running on euadmin put the following URLs: and
The nodes can be found in Backstage, in Setup > Event Settings > Network.
The client returns the Client ID to SpotMe.
Configure Backstage
From Yammer Feed module > Preferences:
  1. Set the "Client ID" provided by the client upon app creation in Yammer.
  2. Set the Default Topic: the default topic, which the user will see when opening the "Topics" tab.
  3. Set "Available Groups" (optional): this option allows restricting the groups that will be available in app. If no group is selected, the all groups to which the user belongs will be shown.
  4. Set Primary color and Secondary color 

The module can be used together with the Yammer SSO. If this is the case, please unselect Allow for in app Yammer login. This allows the user the access the feed directly after activating the app, without an additional login.

If you would like to learn more about this module, please contact your SpotMe Account Manager.

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