Session Registration

The extension allows you to register participants to respective sessions directly from Backstage.

How to install

The following packages must be installed on the event:

  • session-registrations-import
  • session-registration-restrictions

Please contact the SpotMe Support Team for the installation of the abovementioned packages.


  1. Go to Sessions -> Default Display Template. Replace the "Session registration" component with the "Session registration with restrictions" component and add the "Session registration participant list".
  2. If an admin and/or someone will need to see this data within the app, be sure to enable "Session Registrations Admin View" setting within your participant record and save.

Create Session Registrations

  1. Access the source file from the client – it will most likely include the following columns and data:Screen_Shot_2018-04-02_at_10.45.36.png
  2. Delete the columns containing the participant’s first and last name’s as well as the columns with the session title and product capacity.
  3. You’ll be left with columns containing the participant’s fp_ext_id (pax_fp_ext_id) and session’s fp_ext_id (session_fp_ext_id).
  4. Rename the pax_fp_ext_id column header to fp_owner.
  5. Rename the session_fp_ext_id column header to parent_doc_id.
  6. Add a column to the right of these two, titled status, and fill all rows for these column with registered by dragging the first cell down to fill all rows in your sheet.
  7. Your file should then look like this:Screen_Shot_2018-04-02_at_10.36.54.png
  8. Go to your event in Backstage and then navigate to the "Session Registrations" module.
  9. Go to the "Import Registrations" tab.
  10. Click on "Choose File" and select the file you have prepared – review the data that is being imported and click on "Complete the import" to finish.
  11. After you have successfully imported the file, be sure to verify that the session registrations are linked correctly in the "All Registrations" tab – you can do this by referring back to the source file and its data as well as picking a random participant, entering their record in the People module, and see what sessions they are registered for.


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