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Note: Home Feed will become default on July 25, 2018, until then you can optionally install it on your events/workspaces.

To install Home Feed, in Backstage, navigate to:

  1. Setup > Manage features > Packages
  2. Find home-feed in the module dropdown and install it
  3. Navigate to Setup > Event settings > App Preferences
  4. Under Home launcher remove current selection for Item to open, and instead choose Nav > Home feed
  5. Under Home feed select or create a new feed that will be used on the home screen
  6. Synchronize and restart your iOS or Android app


You can adjust posting, liking and commenting permissions and other standard Feed options from Backstage > Feeds > Home.

Reverting to grid-based home screen

You can at any time revert to previous, grid-based home screen. For that, in Backstage, navigate to:

  1. Setup > Event settings > App Preferences
  2. Click on X next to "Home feed"
  3. Choose Navs from the first dropdown that will appear again
  4. Choose Home (grid)
  5. Save

Known limitations

  • Search works on participant and speaker names, sessions titles
  • Search is available only online
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