Poster Challenge


The goal of this module is to respond to usual business issues around poster exhibitions:

  • Numerous posters
  • Little time allocated in the program
  • Dry or complex content

Objective: create excitement around a poster exhibition and encourage participants to visit the exhibition and interact with the posters, especially by voting for their favorite posters.


  • Posters list with search function and filters

Upvoted posters automatically move on top of the list

Optional: admin view to see the number of votes for each poster

  • Poster page details

Link the poster in PDF format

Vote / unvote for a poster

Add a description

Link a speaker or participant profile as poster’s author

Link a location

Add a comment box (comments visible to everyone) 

  • Live view of posters ranking

Display a live leaderboard of the most voted posters 

  • Integration with Gamification / Point Challenge

Get points every time you vote for a poster.

  • Reset votes

Reset all votes on posters to restart the competition. Votes are definitively erased, use with care!




Relies on maps-beta to link a location on poster page

Poster Challenge is compatible with the web app, with the limitation that on the poster list, the 2 list separators for Upvoted Posters and Other Posters are not displayed (upvoted posters still come on top of the list):



How to configure 

  • Poster list

Create the poster list

  • Use « Create Nominee » to create each poster page
  • Use the « Linked documents » list on the poster page to add the poster’s PDF as a can document:




Create additional filters for the poster list

The country is set by default as a filter on the poster list. Go to Preferences –> Poster list filters to add further filters.

Make someone admin of the poster list

An admin can see the current number of votes for each poster on their poster list. Go to People -> a participant profile and tick the box « Poster challenge admin » :



  • Poster pages

Set limitations on the votes

  • In « Preferences », use the « Number of votes » field to set the maximum number of votes allowed per participant
  • In « Preferences », use « Restrict voting » to prevent participants from voting for certain posters based on certain participants’ properties. If the text in the chosen person field is the same as in the chosen poster field, the participant will not be able to vote for this poster.

E.g. if person field set to Country, and poster field set to Country, the participant will not be allowed to vote for a poster from the same country as his/hers.



If the user tries to vote for a poster they are not allowed to vote for, they will be warned by a popup when clicking on « Vote » and their vote will not be taken into account.

Add the possibility to comment on posters

Go to Display Template -> drag and drop the Comments list component. Comments can be exported from the « Comments » module.

  • Live view of posters ranking

Go to Leaderboard -> Create a leaderboard

In Data Source :

  • Select « Poster Votes » as entry origin:



  • Select « Sort entries by » à « Votes » :


In Data Display:

In « Entries format », add at least:

  • rank {{rank}
  • poster name {{name}} 
  • and number of votes on the poster {{votes}}

No need to create or select a Game configuration. Formatting options (background, CSS) are available as per standard leaderboard configuration.

  • Integration with Gamification / Point Challenge

Go to Gamification. Create a game configuration, an objective and an activity.

Select « Vote for a poster » as provider:



As per regular gamification configuration, you can set the number of points earned each time this activity is completed, and a threshold.

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