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This module extends the capabilities of Form to PDF introducing a new functionality in Frontstage that allows to save the data from one form and then reuse it in another one.

Its goal is to allow participants to record their takeaways using skills check-in forms and then prioritise them with a final learning statement.


The module requires at least two forms:

  • Skills check-in - the first level form, from which a response will be used in My Learning Statement. You can have multiple Skills check-in forms, for example, one for each session, and each Skills check-in form can include multiple components, including form components, as long as they are supported by Form to PDF. But in each Skills check-in form, we can only record the answer to ONE question to be used in the Learning statement.
  • My learning statement - the form which uses the data from the Skills check-in forms.

The Skills check-in and the Learning statement forms must only use components that are supported by Form to PDF, if the PDF generator will be used, otherwise any component can be used.

The Learning statement can display data from the Skills check-in only with Choice (dropdown) component.

How to use

Backstage setup


A. Skills check-in

1. Create your form as necessary.

2. Include one text input question whose answer will be used in the Learning Statement and on the right side expand Advanced Options and set Value key to action.

Warning ! As the Learning statement form will use data for only one question per form, the Value key action can be used only once per form content. If you are using multiple Skills check-in forms, each must have maximum one block with Value key action.

If you would like to block multiple submission, allowing only one submission per skills check-in, click on the "Manual submit" behaviour at the bottom of the form content page, and tick "Disable the submit button if the user has responded".

If necessary, you can have different form contents for different Skills check-in forms as long as the value key of the text input question linked to the Learning Statement is action.



B. My Learning Statement

1. Create your form content as required, including as many Choice - Dropdown blocks as actions that the user has to select among the ones submitted as Skills check-in. The goal for the user is to review the key actions recorded throughout the event/program and prioritise the most relevant one(s) (for example, the top 3 actions need to be prioritized, so 3 choice blocks would be needed.)

2. For the first Choice block, expand Advanced options and put predefined-dropdown1 as Value key, for the second predefined-dropdown2, for the third second predefined-dropdown3.

3. From the Behaviours section, Under Available new behaviours click on the Learning statement behaviour to add it to the page.

4. In the Learning statement behaviour settings on the right side:

  • Under Skill check-in forms, choose all forms from which you want to use data (you can choose as many forms as you need).
  • Under Blocks add the value key(s) of the choice - dropdown component(s) (for example, predefined-dropdown1, second put predefined-dropdown2 and second put predefined-dropdown3). You can add multiple fields by click on the red +.

Important: Every Choice component (with value key predefined-dropdown1, predefined-dropdown2, etc) will display the same data (all data marked with value key action in the Skills check-in forms).



C. Form to PDF

If you want the user to have a copy of the responses as PDF, you need to enable the PDF Generator behaviour in the Skills check-in and/or Learning statement forms. See Form to PDF


The module comes with 2 default templates, one for the Skills check-in and one for the Leadership Statement. Templates can be edited in Backstage (HTML knowledge required).

Linking the forms to Sessions

If you are using one Skills check-in form per session, and want to display each form on the corresponding session page in the app, you need to link the form (questionnaire) to the session, and not the form content page (display template). This means that the default forms widget available in the session page cannot be used.

In order to link the form content to the session, you would need to create a new metadata for sessions as follow:


And then add a link list to display it in the session template:


PDF exports

All PDFs generated in-app can be exported in Backstage from Forms to PDF module (PDF generator behaviour must be enabled).


1. Fill in the Skills check-in form(s)

2. Fill in the Learning Statement form with inputs coming from the Skills check-in.

If the behaviour is enabled, the responses to Skills check-in and Learning Statement are available as PDF in 'My Statements'. They can be shared with all participants and the shared responses are available in 'Shared Statements'.

Use cases

Workflow in a context of a learning event:

  1. For each session the user is attending, we want to record one key action they want to take based on what they have learned: at the end of each session, they fill in a Skills check-in form, to record their key action.
  2. At the end of all sessions, we want the user to prioritize all the key actions they have recorded throughout all sessions, and pick the most important for them: they fill in a Learning Statement form, in which they have dropdown lists that display their key actions from the Skills check-in forms.


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