Backstage User Roles

Backstage users have two different sets of roles. Users are part of an organization and, for each organization, they are members of one or several events.

Organization roles

As a Backstage user, you are part of one or several organizations. Your role can be either Admin or Member of the organization. A special role, Entitlement Manager, allows you to allocate seats and advanced modules to your workspaces and to download consumption reports. The following table summarizes the rights of each role. 

  Admin Member Entitlement Manager
View organization details  ✓   -
Edit organization details  ✓   -
View members  ✓  ✓ -
Add and promote members  ✓   -
View workspace list  ✓  ✓ -
Create a new workspace   -
Add a member to a workspace  ✓   -
View legal documents  ✓  ✓ -
Edit legal documents  ✓  ✓ -
View entitlements  ✘
Manage entitlements


Workspace roles

As a Backstage user, you can be a member of several workspaces, each with a different role: Manager, Editor, or Viewer. The following table summarizes the rights of each role in an event.

  Manager Editor Viewer
Add or remove a member
Install/Uninstall modules
Edit workspace settings
Add/Import content    
View and export content
View analytics


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