The messages module can be used by users to hold conversations with one or more participants. Participants can access the module by tapping on the Messages option from the main menu or the navigation bar. 

How to use

Creating a conversation

Participants can create a conversation by tapping the New conversation icon from the top menu. They can search for the participants they want to talk with by entering their names in the search box and adding them to the conversation by tapping the + icon.

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The conversation is created when a new message is sent using the text box in the bottom.

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Adding participants to a conversation

Members of a conversation can add more participants to the conversation by tapping on the Info button, and then searching them by name in the Add participants section.

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Removing a participant from a multi-user conversation

Conversation's creator can remove participants by tapping on the Info button, tapping on the member to be removed and then selecting the option Remove participant.


Leaving a multi-user conversation

Any conversation member can leave a conversation by tapping the on the Info button, tapping on the Leave group option and confirming the action.


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