Aventri (formerly Etouches) Integration


For Aventri, the following credentials are always required:

- endPoint

- accountid

- key

- eventid

- Active statuses, it is possible to set which participant statuses are imported as active. By default, they are Confirmed and Attended. Statuses need to be comma-separated.

-only_data_modified_up_to_a_day_since_last_sync. Please leave as it is.

- presenterPhotoEndpoint

- personPhotoEndpoint

- personPhotoKeyword. It's necessary in the URL of the personPhotoEndpoint and varies.

Concurrent Sessions

It is possible to automatically add master sessions for concurrent sessions that have the same start time. For creating concurrent sessions on the next sync, you need to:

1. Map the `in_slot` field coming from Aventri to our own in_slot field:


2. In the API Credentials, enter a new setting called `ConcurrentSessionsTitle` and set the desired title for the master sessions:


Data types

Participants, Session, Presenter, Presenter photos, Person photos, Sponsor, Sponsor levels and Schedule

How to configure


Go to the API Data module > API Credentials. Click on "Aventri [UPDATE ME]".

The credentials fields to update are pre-configured: just add the credentials you have received from the provider.

Then go to Preview to check if the credentials are working (please refer to the generic API engine page)


Do not change the mapping for fp_ext_id and fp_status!

New Agenda

This API integration is compatible with the new agenda (version > 3.0.0).

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