MCI-Eventrix Integration


For MCI Eventrix, the following credentials are always required:

- codeName

- uw

- username

- password

Data types


How to configure

Go to the API Data module > API Credentials. Click on "MCI Eventrix Credentials".

Edit only the necessary fields (see above in 'Credentials' section).

Then go to Preview to check if the credentials are working (please refer to the generic API engine page). If you have trouble previewing participants data with the event name you have received, please confirm the spelling with the client, and alternatively, get in touch with the Project and Implementation team.



Fp_ext_id, first name, last name, email address, country, group and registration type are mapped by default. Do not change the mapping for fp_ext_id!

If one of the following conditions is met, then the participant is set to cancelled (= cannot access the app) and the email is set not imported

// if the person doesn't have is_registered field at all OR // person doesn't have deactivated field at all OR // is_registered is different than 1 OR // deactivated is different that 0

To edit mappings, please refer to the Mapping section of the generic API configuration page.

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