Bridgelite Integration


For Bridgelite, the following credentials are always required:

- authKey (a long string of numbers)

- startDate (ex. 2018-06-13T00:00:01)

- endDate (ex. 2018-09-30T17:00:01)

Birdgelite has the particularity that the data for all events is available in the same endpoint. This is why we need to add the start date and end date, in between which we want to pull participants data. You can check with the provider which start date must be used (usually, the date when the first attendee registered). The end date can be set to after the end of the event.

Data types


How to configure


Go to the API Data module > API Credentials. Click on "Bridgelite [UPDATE ME]".

The credentials fields to update are pre-configured: just add the credentials you have received from the provider.

Then go to Preview to check if the credentials are working (please refer to the generic API engine page)


Do not change the mapping for fp_ext_id and fp_status!

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