Covr Integration


For Covr, the following credentials are always required:

- CovrPaxEnpoint

- Edit covrUrl

How to configure

Go to the API Data module > API Credentials. Click on "Covr Credentials":

a. Click on “Edit CovrPaxEnpoint [UPDATEME]” and replace [UPDATEME] with the following link:

b. Click on “Edit covrUrl [UPDATEME]” and replace [UPDATEME] with the link provided by Covr.

For self-service events, the provider is given Event ID and server (as in the event URL) and the participant data is pushed to Backstage. Only sessions and presenters are synced.

Important: do NOT sync participant data for self-service events, but only for the annual meeting.

The endpoint is pre-configured.

Then go to Preview to check if the credentials are working - only for sessions and presenters (please refer to the generic API engine page)

Data types

For self-service events, only sessions and presenters are synced.

Participants, Presenters, Sessions, Sponsors, Abstracts


Do not change the mapping for fp_ext_id and fp_status!

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