Configuring Session Ratings

You can add ratings and other form inputs that will appear on various pages by default. Common uses would be having a rating on every session page, or presenter page.
  1. In Backstage, navigate to the Display Template you want to add form inputs to (Sessions for example)
  2. Add any inputs you might want from the “Form elements” tab on the left 
  3. Add the following Behaviors (Model should already be present): 
    1. Form
    2. Representation
    3. Survey response generator
    4. Manual submit
    5. Local Save
    6. Submit pop up 
If you navigate to a session in your app, it should now have the inputs you added on its display page.
You will need to set up exports:
    1. Go to Forms -> Results and tap on View results for any Form


  • Tap the red X to the right of the current data filters
  • Tap the + symbol to add new data filters
  • Check the box next to "Display"


    1. Select “Session” (or whichever object you added your inputs to)


  • Tap Close in the pop-up box and then tap Apply filters


  1. Tap Save results view at the top and name it. For example, “Sessions rating export"
  2. Tap Results to see the full list again, your new results view will be listed
  3. To export the sessions with the raw data, tap Export raw data and then add any fields you would like exported using the "Add custom" button at the bottom. (Add name, location, etc.)

    You can use the above steps to configure ratings for People just as you did for Sessions.
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