Accepting Apple Agreements

Before initiating the Apple Developer / Program License acceptance procedure, please note that only the person with the Team agent role under the developer account can accept any legal agreements. This is the person who was given the Admin (Legal role) that is necessary to accept any new contracts.

1. To accept your Apple Developer agreement, please visit


2. Once you reach the page, please click on the “Account” button.

* Note that you must be a registered user so you can login.

3. This will lead to a page where you can log in using your email as an Apple ID and your password


4. After a successful login there will be a few possible options on the left side on your screen, please click on the “Membership” section.


5. On the “Membership” page you will see lots of details about the account, but the agreements can be found on the bottom of the page.


6. Please click on the applet so it can show you all of the available agreements for acceptance.


7. Click on the respective agreement, review and accept it.

Upon acceptance the confirmation may take up to 24 hours.

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