You can use the Marketplace to browse and manage modules on a workspace.


The Marketplace can be accessed from the Setup menu in your workspace.

Browse and learn more about modules

In the Marketplace, you can browse all available modules. You can filter the displayed module by clicking on a category in the left menu or by searching for a module by its name or description.
To learn more about a specific module, click on its name to see more details about it. On this detail page, you will also find screenshots, a link to documentation, and a list of changes in the last update or previous ones.

Installing a module

To install a module in your workspace, you need to be a manager of the workspace.
You can install modules from the module list or from the detail page by clicking on the Install button. When installing a paid module, please make sure you are entitled to do so. In doubt, contact your account manager.

Manage and update your modules

To manage installed modules, you need to be a manager of the workspace.
The Installed modules page gives you an overview of all the modules installed on your workspace. You can update a specific module by clicking the Update button next to its name in the Installed modules page, the module's detail page, or the module's card.
To update all modules, click on the Update all button in the Installed module page.
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