Budget block

Note: Budget block has been added in Forms v1.12.0.

In some situations, event hosts need to ask the audience their opinion on how to allocate certain resources, most commonly a certain amount of money. The Budget block allows participants to allocate those resources across different categories using sliders, checkboxes, and dropdowns:


How to

1. Add the Form Budget block from the Form elements panel and configure the title and the body. The body can show the budget limit, the resources that have been allocated by the user and the remaining ones by introducing the {‌{limit}‌}, {‌{currentSpendings}‌}, and {‌{remaining}‌} placeholders in the body field:

2. Create a new budget configuration under the Budget options section of the Budget block, add a name, and a budget limit by setting it manually in the Limit field or by selecting participant metadata.

3. Use the options from the Prevent submission section to prevent the user from submitting the form if the budget is not completely allocated or if it is exceeded. Use the Invalid popup message field to configure the message to warn the user when the submission is not possible. A budget can be configured to have no submission restrictions as well.

4. Add as many Choice and Scale blocks for the users to allocate the budget and then go to their Budget options section and select the Budget configuration created on step 2. 

Note: A form can have multiple Budget blocks linked to different or the same sets of Budget configurations.

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