How to find my Google account Transaction ID?

The Transaction ID for your Google Play account is needed in case an app would be transferred to your account.

To find the transaction ID, search the target account owner's email inbox for “developer registration fee.”

If you can’t find the transaction ID email receipt:

  1. With the target account owner's email address, sign in to Google Payments.
  2. On the left menu, select Subscriptions and services.
  3. On the “Other purchase activity” card, select View purchases.
  4. Select the “Google Play” (or "Android Market") registration transaction.
  5. You will see your Transaction ID at the bottom right corner of the page.

Registration transactions IDs are typically in one of the following formats:

  • 01234567890123456789.token.0123456789012345
  • 0.G.123456789012345
  • Registration-1234ab56-7c89-12d3-4567-8e91234567f8
  • PDS.1234-5678-9012-3456
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