Bug fixes

  • XLS import: import process won't hang any more if it encounters invalid metadata


Both Android and iOS apps are now at version 1.32.0.

Bug fixes

  • iOS: improved responsiveness when updating or changing main menu or navigation bar
  • iOS: updating a note does not create a duplicate
  • Android: Bluetooth permission for Nearby is now asked only once
  • iOS, Android: improved performance and reduced energy usage
  • All: various bug fixes and performance improvements


  • All: support for feed search
  • iOS, Android: support for public app mode
  • iOS: new PDF reader on devices with iOS 11
  • iOS: improved iPad Pro compatibility
  • Web: users can now reposition (drag&drop) web cast preview
  • Web: support for Agenda Discover screen


Agenda (beta v3.0.11)

Bug fixes

  • In-app: When using "show only targeted/registered track sessions", the track session list would not hide/show other sessions after registering for one
  • In-app: Rectangular speaker photos would have elongated oval look, now they will always get circle shape
  • In-app: Sometimes a third line of speaker's name might be partially visible, now only maximum of two lines will be shown


  • Backstage: Tags can be now targeted
  • Backstage: order of tags displayed under Discover Topics can be now customize from Agenda preferences

Contacts (business-cards v1.3.0)


  • In-app: QR scanner now shows users' profile photo and full user details within the scanner
  • In-app: bookmark button has been removed from participant page


  • In-app: ability to add new contacts from profile page, without scanning QR codes

Forms (v1.7.0)

Bug fixes

  • Backstage: Matrix columns/rows or toolbar settings would sometimes not get saved
  • Backstage: Home screen launcher settings would not be properly coped when using event copying


  • In-app: Choice options can be now configured as icons. When setting up, click the picture icon to use an icon instead of text.
  • Backstage: Home screen form launcher can now optionally open the form in fullscreen
  • Backstage: "Close after submission" behaviour was added. It will close the form after user submits their response.
  • In-app: Slider will now show the current value in the thumb

Maps (beta v4.0.3)


  • Backstage: locations created without coordinates will be displayed in the editor on can be placed on the correct place
  • Backstage: "Location label" can now display participant's metadata. Simply use `{{activatedPerson.FIELD}}` to pull in data from participant's profile.
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