• The dashboard has been improved with re-arranged metrics to be clearer and easier to understand and, at the same time, to load faster on larger workspaces/events
  • Various performance improvements


  • Person, presenter and session lists and other lists in Backstage now use a faster search algorithm that improves overall Backstage experience. Temporarily this algorithm searches only fields visible in Backstage and only from word beginning. ie. searching for "max" would not match "Daniel Marmax", but would match "Daniel Maximar". We are looking to restore more accurate searching in the future.

Apps (v1.33.0)


  • iOS: SODs with activation list (or SSA) show Privacy Policy prompt before activating a profile (if configured in event settings)
  • iOS, Android: Support for videos in the feed, Media Gallery and UI improvements

Bug fixes

  • Web: Scrolling through content is now more fluid and app is more responsive
  • Web: The navigation through the gallery does not hang any more


Home feed (v1.0.0)

  • A new home screen based on Feeds with built-in app-wide search. Learn more

Home editor (v1.10.0)


  • Backstage: Translation (i18n) labels can be now used in home-screen blocks instead of actual labels

Bug fixes

  • In-app: Text color is now displayed correctly when the appearance is set to display an image

Feeds (v1.5.0)


  • In-app: Participants can see who liked their posts
  • In-app: Support for video posts
  • Backstage: Organizers can target posting, liking and commenting to different user groups

Profile (v3.4.0)


  • Backstage: You can now change the opacity of the banner overlay in the main menu
  • Backstage: There is a new option to customize the profile page background

Contacts (business-cards v1.3.2)

Bug fixes

  • In-app: The new QR scanner now supports participant badge QR codes generated in Backstage
  • In-app: A proper error message is displayed on Android when Bluetooth is disabled

Sponsors (v2.8.1)

Bug fixes

  • In-app: Sponsors without `fp_status` are no longer visible in the app

Forms (v1.9.0)


  • In-app: Custom icons are now shown in web app's main menu
  • In-app: Choice options are sorted as defined in metadata
  • In-app: Added ability to specify different labels for forms in different states

Bug fixes

  • Backstage: Export on missing contexts (person or model) is not stopped
  • In-app: Removed double modals on native apps if the form is submitted and invalid

Voting (v1.16.0)


  • Backstage: Setting different weight for each answer is now possible

Presenters (v2.9.0)

Bug fixes

  • Backstage: You can now control search, and "sort by" in custom lists

People (v2.10.0)


  • Backstage: You can choose to show items that match current users metadata in custom lists

Agenda (v3.1.0)

Bug fixes

  • In-app: Showing sessions ordered based on the `force_order` properly
  • In-app: Registration checkmarks would not be displayed in some registration modes, this is now fixed

Frontstage (v1.18.1)


  • Backstage: Users can now re-arrange buttons or add ones accidentally removed


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