Managing Entitlements

Entitlements refer to the seats* and advanced modules you purchased and that are available to be allocated to your events. Each event/workspace needs to be allocated with one seat per participant and with the corresponding product for each Advanced Module used. The Entitlement Management functionality will enable the Organization Entitlement Manager to track where and when entitlements are used.


  • Entitlements must be activated on your Organization
  • You must have Organization Entitlement Manager privileges on your Organization

Please contact your account manager if this not the case.

Get an overview of your entitlement pools and consumption

Once entitlements are activated on your organization, a new section will be available from your Organization page in Backstage. You can access it by clicking on “Manage Organization” on the right-hand side menu from Backstage’s home page and then on “Entitlements” on the left side.



The first tab “My Organization Entitlements” provides an overview of the available entitlements for your organization. Expanding a product will give you details regarding the transactions, and transactions themselves can be expanded to give you even more details. An option allows switching the view to show a history of all transactions in your organization. 

The second tab “Events” gives details regarding the organization's current and past events and their entitlement usage. Events with missing entitlements will be highlighted in a red window.
In both tabs, you can download the data in Excel format by clicking on the “Export XLS” button (5). The export process can take a while if you have many events.

Assigning entitlements to an event

The consumption is checked periodically and seats are assigned automatically to events. Advanced modules have to be assigned manually to events.

To assign missing entitlements to an event, follow these steps:

  1. Go on the second tab “Events” (1)
  2. Find the event in the list using “Live” and “Past” tab - Note that clicking on the red area “Your events have missing entitlements” will expand and show only events with missing entitlements
  3. Click on the name of the module or seats (4) or on the + symbol next to it. This will open the transaction interface. 


  • For seat entitlements, you will have to choose the quantity you want to transfer (6). Transfer enough seats to cover the number of participants added to your event.
  • For advanced modules entitlement, you do not have to choose any quantity. Choose the module you want to transfer to the event and continue. 



  • Confirm your transfer - Note that any transfer is final, be careful when assigning entitlements.

Once the transaction is done you will be redirected to the event entitlements details.

Ensuring your entitlements are up-to-date

If an event is missing entitlements, you will see warning banner in Backstage. Only Organization Entitlement Managers can manage the entitlements and assign new entitlements to events.


Please make sure your entitlements are always up-to-date.

* "Seat" means subscription in the sense of the SpotMe Master Terms of Services or equivalent.


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