Best Practices

Please find below a few tips which will help us to process and resolve each request in a timely manner.

Use the "Support" button in Backstage

By sending a request via the "Support" button in Backstage we will already have the following information:

  • The event you are working in
  • The organization you are part of
  • What your request is about

This information will help the Support team to process the request as quickly as possible or escalate it to another team, if necessary.

Provide as much information as possible

If you are wondering what information we need to identify an issue, below are a few questions to consider when you’re submitting a request. The answers to these questions will help us reproduce your same actions and hopefully resolve it quickly as well:

  • What are the precise steps you took?
  • What is the desired outcome?
  • What is the actual outcome?

Any other technical information that you have will help us to resolve your issue quicker and more efficiently.

If the request is related to your Backstage event, please share:

  • Browser name
  • Browser version
  • Operating system of the laptop or PC

If the request is related to your app, please share:

  • App name
  • App version
  • Device model
  • Device operating system and/or version

Send a new support request for each new issue

Whenever the initially reported issue or request was solved, and perhaps a new one arises, please submit a new request, as opposed to following up in an existing thread.

This will help us track all reported technical errors, feasibility questions, and other types of request, so we can continuously upgrade and improve our platform.

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