Client App Publishing

This page provides information about the process of publishing an app under the client's developer account on Google Play and the App Store. 

In case you already have a dedicated container app published under the SpotMe publishing accounts, please visit the App Transfer page to learn more about how to transfer the app under your publishing account.

There are two options when it comes to publishing an app under another developer account, depending on one main factor - who publishes and maintains the app on the stores:

Option 1. SpotMe deploys the app

In such a case, the client needs to provide access to their developer accounts.

Step 1. Create your developer accounts

Step 2. The client needs to:

  • Provide access to SpotMe to their Apple Developer Account;
  • Provide access to SpotMe to their iTunes Connect Account;
  • Provide access to SpotMe to their Google Play Developer Account;

Step 3. SpotMe takes care of building, publishing and maintaining the app. 

For more information about how to provide SpotMe with the necessary access, please visit the Share your Developer Account page.

Option 2. Client deploys the app

In such a case, SpotMe provides the binaries and all necessary assets, while the client deploys the app to the public stores themselves. Please refer to the following steps:

Step 1. Create your Developer accounts

Step 2. Create an App ID

Step 3. Create a Distribution certificate

Step 4. Create a Provisioning profile

Step 5. Create a Push notification certificate

Step 6. Send to your SpotMe representative:

  • Exact App ID
  • Push notification certificate (aps. cer and aps.p12)
  • Any password protecting the files
  • Email address for SpotMe to send app releases

Step 7. SpotMe provides the .ipa file with enabled push notifications

Step 8. Client re-signs the ios app with their own Distribution certificate and provisioning profile and updates the app id to the target one. No further processing of the android binary is necessary.

For more information please visit the Re-signing SpotMe apps page.

Step 9. Client deploys the app to the App Store and Google Play

Step 10. SpotMe regularly provides updated binaries with every new app release. 

For more information about creating certificates and app ids, please visit the Apple Developer Guide.

For more information on how to re-sign a SpotMe app, please visit the Re-signing SpotMe apps page.

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