Eventspace and Workspace by SpotMe

As a single universal app for all your meetings, events, conferences and more, our two apps Eventspace by SpotMe and Workspace by SpotMe allow participants to browse and access agendas, see who else is attending, connect and exchange ideas.

The Eventspace and Workspace apps are available on the App Store and Google Play.

Activation mechanism

Eventspace and Workspace apps use email and password mechanism which allows users to easily login just with their email address or a pre-defined password.


To leverage the full list of activation mechanisms, Eventspace and Workspace apps use the Domain concept. Domains contain configuration for branded activation mechanisms.

During activation process, users can choose "I will use my domain" option which will lead them to a branded activation screen.

Example workflow of using Single Sign-On with Eventspace:

To set up a domain, please contact Backstage support.

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