Resign iOS apps

In order to re-sign an iOS app provided by SpotMe, you will need to use the fastlane tool.

Fastlane is one of the few tools whose script correctly resigns all frameworks for hybrid objective-c/swift apps.

Please follow the steps below to re-sign the app:

1. Install fastlane

Go to and navigate to the Getting Started section for instructions on how to install fastlane.

Multiple install methods are listed Homebrew/ Installer script /Gems

2. Save the SpotMe .ipa file

3. Save your .mobileprovision file

4. Re-sign the app

Instructions can be found here :


fastlane sigh resign /Users/alexandru/Desktop/Tutorial/SpotMe_ios_store_1501232142.ipa --signing_identity "iPhone Distribution: SpotMe SA" -p "/Users/alexandru/Desktop/Tutorial/comspotmeappstore_AppStore.mobileprovision"

If the signing identity is not found or there are multiple choices available, a prompt will ask you to select the correct one (simply copy paste the id):


The result should look like this:


This will also change the bundle id to the one in the provided (new) provisioning profile (.mobileprovision file).

*Note that upon re-signing the app versioning should be kept to the following format "1.1.0".


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