Managing legal documents

Note: iOS app v1.29.5+ and Android app v1.30.0+ are for these to display in-app.


You can store legal documents such as Terms of Service or Privacy Policies for your events and apps in Backstage. SpotMe apps will then display these documents (and associated requirements) to participants before they access your app or event.

Creating a legal document

Legal documents are connected to your Organization and can be managed or created from there.

To create a legal document:

  • On click Manage <my organization name>
    • If you're a part of multiple organizations you'll see a Manage my organizations link
  • From the organization page select Legal documents in the sidebar
  • At the bottom of the screen click Create a legal document
  • Fill in details of your legal document and click Create to save it


Creating a legal document in Backstage

Documents without a template

If you already have the legal document either as a text or as a web site, choose None for the template. Other fields are:

  • Title this will be displayed in-app and in Backstage
  • Link if you have a website that hosts your document paste it here
  • Text if you don't have a link, you can paste text of your legal document. HTML is supported. (see our template)
  • Requirements this is where you define acknowledgements participants will have to make. You need at least one.
    • ex. "I accept {{link}}", "I consent to processing of data as per {{link}}"
    • {{link}} will be replaced with a link to your legal document's text

For Privacy Policies our recommendation* is to add following requirements (statements):

  • I acknowledge that I have read and agree to {{link}}. I understand I can withdraw my consent for processing of my personal data at any time.
  • I consent to the processing of my personal data for the purposes described in {{link}}.



Requirements displayed in-app

Documents based on Named App Privacy Policy template

If you choose to use Named App Privacy Policy template, Backstage will ask you to provide your company's and your Data Privacy Officer's contact details. These details will be prepended to our own Privacy Policy with already preconfigured requirements.

App name

Company details

  • Proper full company name
    • Include corporate delineators like “Inc.”, “LLC”, “Corp.”, etc.
    • If you are part of an international organization, use the name of the global parent entity
  •   Up-to-date physical address at which your company can be contacted, including:
    • Street
    • ZIP code of the city
    • Country
  • Contact email
  • Other contact information

Data Privacy Officer's details (DPO)

  • Name
  • Up-to-date physical address at which your DPO can be contacted, including:
    • Street
    • ZIP code of the city
    • Country
    • Contact email
  • Other contact information

Contact information should at least contain an email address, additionally you can add a phone number or a website contact form.

Assigning legal documents to events

During event creation you can link a legal document to an event. For existing events you can do it from Event settings in Backstage.


Assigning legal documents to apps

Please contact Backstage Support or your account manager to assign a legal document to your app.

Viewing legal documents as already activated participant

Participants can see all legal documents that cover the use of the app and the event from their profile by clicking Legal & Privacy.


  • Privacy Policy template and recommended requirements are not intended as a substitute for legal advice and any use thereof is voluntary, based on your sole free and informed discretion. Please refer to Backstage Terms of Service for full details.
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